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Port Address Translator
Redirect TCP and UDP traffic routed through a NetWare box to other computers.
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Posted: 10 Sep 2003
File Size: 59KB
License: Free
Download 1:  pat.zip
Publisher: Stefan Fischer
E-mail: infoTAKETHISOUT@sfi-online.net
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

What can PAT do for me?

There are several scenarios in which PAT can help you:

  1. Your network is connected to the Internet with a NetWare router. You have only one valid IP address (the one of your router), and you want to run public accessible servers behind your router with private IPs.

  2. You are moving your server (or any other important system) to another sub net or something similar. PAT can redirect the traffic to these systems without reconfiguring your clients.

  3. You want to "collect" all traffic of a certain type and route it to only one address. For example, you can force your users to use internal SMTP server and they won't even notice they're using a different server.


The program is provided "AS IS." I am not responsible for any damages caused by PAT.Use this program at your own risk!It has been tested successfully with NetWare 6.0 SP2 & 3 for over three months.I can't promise for other versions of NetWare. Just give it a try!


For suggestions, bug reports, donations or whatever you have in mind, please dropme a line: info@sfi-online.net.