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In Brief

Monitors events, like worker hires and terminations, to validate they were properly updated in a number of destinations.


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  • Identity Manager
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  • Monitoring
  • Posted:6 Sep 2006
    File Size:1.41MB
    Publisher:Mike Cook


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    GERM (Generic Event Replication Monitor) is designed to verify that a set of events have been replicated correctly to multiple destinations. The original use was to verify that employees hired (or terminated) had accounts created (or disabled) in multiple applications, like a directory, email, app db, etc. This usually involves querying a database for a set of "events" to check (such as from the HR database for all employees hired within the last 30 days), then query a set of destinations (via JDBC, LDAP, or custom) to verify the data from the source event exists and matches in each destination.

    See included Readme for additional info.


    • Java JVM v1.4 or higher (on Linux, NetWare, or Windows)
    • A JDBC-accessible database (see Database) for configuration and results
    • Desired configuration in (or other specified properties file)
    • Other Java libraries (.jar's) as needed for JDBC, JNDI/LDAP, JSSE,
    • etc.

    No support provided for this tool.

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