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In Brief

Program to get the Trusted root certificate from eDirectory through LDAP.


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  • eDirectory
  • Posted:6 Oct 2006
    File Size:43KB
    Publisher:Ramesh Joseph


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    This is a command line tool to get the Trusted root certificate from eDirectory through LDAP. It is a client program which uses LDAP SDKs for getting the certificate. Alternately, we can get the certificate through GUI interfaces like iManager or ConsoleOne. But if you want to get things done from the command line without going to GUI or you want to automate, this tool will be useful.


    getcert <host name> <port number> <login dn> <password> <certfileName> <format>

    Host name : host name of the server where eDirectory is running
    Port number: LDAP secure port
    login dn: User name
    password: password of the user
    certfileName: File to store the certificate.
    format: format of the certificate file - der or b64


    ./getcert 636 cn=rj1,o=novell novell c.der der

    Successfully copied the certificate file

    Pre-requisites: The tool requires LDAP SDK. The library path needs to be set to LDAP SDK lib folder. You can get the LDAP SDKs from

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