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In Brief

Create a user log file to track IP address, computer name, and login time.


Functional Categories:
  • User Management
  • Workgroup
  • Posted:1 Nov 2006
    File Size:3KB
    Publisher:Dan Reich


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    I needed to create a log file to be able to track user accounts with the IP address and machine name they logged into and came up with this solution. This batch file does not require any other programs other than the utilities that come with Windows XP such as ipconfig, date, and time.

    In the login script I first need to export the context name so I can use that in a batch file.

    Added to Login Script

    dos set login_context = login_context

    Who.bat is the name of the script I run.

    Just change the logfile location to the path that you want to log to and make sure users have write access to the file. The Local File also creates a log on the hard drive. I chose vfat32.vxd because if a user saw the file, they would not know what it is.

    Here is a sample of the file. You can open it in Excel directly for sorting and searching abilities.

    lfreeman.DO.TSD , 10/27/2006 , 10:25 AM , , TSD002977 , 00-0B-CD-9F-C4-FC
    bbetts.DO.TSD , 10/27/2006 , 10:58 AM , , TSD5304 , 00-13-21-EB-65-64 , 10/27/2006 , 11:04 AM , , TSD002621 , 00-08-02-4B-0E-03
    akeating.DO.TSD , 10/27/2006 , 11:10 AM , , TSD-004243 , 00-0B-CD-94-AF-43
    bbetts.DO.TSD , 10/27/2006 , 11:31 AM , , TSD5304 , 00-13-21-EB-65-64
    vkelly.DO.TSD , 10/27/2006 , 11:36 AM , , TSD5304 , 00-13-21-EB-65-64
    jedin.DO.TSD , 10/27/06 , 12:11 PM , , TSD-4216 , 00-0B-CD-94-B5-78
    vkelly.DO.TSD , 10/27/2006 , 12:18 PM , , TSD5304 , 00-13-21-EB-65-64
    sfrench.DO.TSD , 10/27/2006 , 12:22 PM , , TSD003945 , 00-0B-CD-A2-62-EF
    vkelly.DO.TSD , 10/27/2006 , 12:28 PM , , TSD5304 , 00-13-21-EB-65-64

    @echo off
    FOR /F "TOKENS=2* DELIMS= " %%A IN ('date/t') DO SET MYDATE=%%A
    FOR /F "TOKENS=1* DELIMS= " %%A IN ('time/t') DO SET MYTIME=%%A
    FOR /F "TOKENS=2* DELIMS= " %%A IN ('time/t') DO SET MYMERIDIAN=%%A
    ipconfig /all > c:\ipconfig.tmp
    type c:\ipconfig.tmp | find "IP Address" > c:\ip.tmp
    type c:\ipconfig.tmp | find "Host Name" > c:\host.tmp
    type c:\ipconfig.tmp | find "Physical" > c:\mac.tmp
    FOR /F "TOKENS=15* DELIMS= " %%A IN ('type c:\ip.tmp') DO SET MYIP=%%A
    FOR /F "TOKENS=16* DELIMS= " %%A IN ('type c:\host.tmp') DO SET MYHOST=%%A
    FOR /F "TOKENS=12* DELIMS= " %%A IN ('type c:\mac.tmp') DO SET MYMAC=%%A
    REM Local File Log
    echo %homedir%.%login_context% , %MYDATE% , %MYTIME% %MYMERIDIAN% , %MYIP% , %MYHOST% , %MYMAC% >> C:\VFAT32.VXD
    attrib +h c:\vfat32.vxd  >nul
    REM Network File Log
    echo %homedir%.%login_context% , %MYDATE% , %MYTIME% %MYMERIDIAN% , %MYIP% , %MYHOST% , %MYMAC% >> %LOGFILE%
    REM Clean Up
    del c:\ipconfig.tmp 
    del c:\ip.tmp 
    del c:\host.tmp 
    del c:\mac.tmp 
    exit > nul

    This utility is very useful to me to find out who logged into what workstation and also the ability to tell which ip address a user logged into and compare to my proxy logs.

    I hope this utility can be useful to someone

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