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SNMP Start Script

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In Brief

Script to start the SNMP master and sub agent for eDirectory 873 version.


Product Categories:
  • eDirectory
  • Functional Categories:
  • Secure Identity
  • SNMP
  • Posted:2 Nov 2006
    File Size:10KB
    Publisher:K Manjunath, Kumar G Mohan


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    This script starts both SNMP master and sub-agent without doing any manual configuration. It is structured to be cross platform for the various flavors of UNIX and Linux that Novell eDirectory 873 runs on.


    1. Copy this script to the local machine where eDirectory is running.
    2. On running this script as root user, i.e., ./, it asks for the trap destination IP address.
    3. After starting master agent, you should enter the admin user name and password to start the sub-agent.

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