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DSMETER for eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems
NLM-based enterprise security auditing andcontrol platform for NetWare servers.
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Posted: 19 Dec 2003
File Size: 5MB
License: Requires evaluation token to try* - will send 30-day free evaluation token on request.
Download 1:  dsmeter_install.exe
Home Page: http://www.visualclick.com/dsmeter
Publisher: Visual Click Software, Inc.
E-mail: cooltools@visualclick.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

DSMETER's NLM-based technology provides the NeWare Administrator withnumerous active auditing and proactive control abilities including:

  • Comprehensive tracking and auditing of all successful login and logoutrequests

At your direction, DSMETER can be configured to track login and logoutrequests for your entire Tree or any portion thereof. Login and logout tracking is defined per container (Organization, Organizational Unit, Country, [Root] and so on).

  • In-depth tracking and auditing of all failed login requests

Because failed login attempts can indicate incursions to your network,DSMETER uniquely provides you with insight of the following events:

  • All Bindery-based login events (successful or not)
  • All attempts to login with an invalid account name
  • All attempts to login using a bad password
  • Any accounts locked by eDirectory/NDS Intruder Detection
  • Thorough tracking of the assignment of Administrator/Supervisor privileges

Knowing who has been granted Administrator privileges to any portion of youreDirectory/NDS is critical to controlling the security of your Tree. And,knowing who has been granted Supervisor privileges to any portion of yourNetWare File Systems is equally important. DSMETER can be used to track bothAdministrator and Supervisor security privilege assignments throughout yourTree and NetWare File Systems. You can also use DSMETER to track securityassignments of any other level such as Read, Write, Browse, and so on.

  • Complete NetWare File System File activity tracking

With DSMETER you can track, alert and control file system activity on yourNetWare File Systems. Find out who is using files with any extension such asMP3, MPG, JPG, GIF, and so on. Discover who is using any file withinselected directories and/or subdirectory structures. Block creations/changesto any file such as MP3, EXE, DLL and so on. Detect who is changing files.Use DSMETER's alerting to be immediately notified when any specific fileactivity occurs.

  • Restrict eDirectory/NDS object creation and deletion by Object Class

Available only with DSMETER is the unprecedented ability to controleDirectory/NDS object creation and deletion by Object Class. Ordinarily whena user is given the ability to create/delete eDirectory/NDS objects they cancreate an object of any permissible class including Servers, Containers,Printers and so on. When you use DSMETER's exclusive ability you canprecisely control the types of objects users are allowed to create. And, ifyou have inherited the eDirectory/NDS Tree you can quickly "Lock Down" allobject creation to designated users only and quickly gain control of yournetwork.

  • Discover and uncover Hidden Objects within your eDirectory/NDS Tree

Did you know hidden objects could be lurking within your eDirectory/NDSTree? These hidden objects can be used as a backdoor to gain entry to youreDirectory/NDS Tree! DSMETER will locate and optionally unhide and evendisable any hidden objects found.

  • Complete eDirectory/NDS Object and Attribute activity tracking

With DSMETER you can track changes to eDirectory/NDS Objects and Attributes.Track changes, per eDirectory/NDS container, to passwords (even failedpassword change attempts), group memberships, security equivalences, and anyother Attribute, including custom schema extensions. DSMETER can also beused to track object creations and deletions.

  • Receive a simple inventory of your NetWare Servers

Included with DSMETER is the ability to inventory your NetWare Servers and discover:

  • NetWare version
  • DS version
  • RAM
  • Free space on the DOS partition of C: drive
  • CPU 0's type and speed rating
  • Size of SYS:_NETWARE (directory where eDirectory/NDS stores its files)
  • Free space on SYS:
  • Free space on all other mounted volumes

For more information, visit http://www.visualclick.com/dsmeter