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Uninstall PcProx

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In Brief

Uninstall pcProx from the system without uninstalling NSL.


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  • Posted:27 Nov 2006
    File Size:20KB
    Publisher:Talekar Nagareshwar


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    This tool uninstalls the pcProx client components from the system without uninstalling the NSL. This helps during deployments/testing wherein one can install new pcProx components without completely uninstalling and then reinstalling NSL.

    It provides following options

    Remove pcProx binary files
    If this option is selected then all binary files such as pcprxlib.dll, pcprxlcm.dll etc are removed from the system directory.

    Cleanup registry entries
    This setting will remove all the previous registry entries of the pcProx method. It is advised to retain these registry settings so that one may not have to provide these options again during next installation of pcProx.

    Delete pcProx log files
    If you have checked these options all pcProx log files will be deleted.

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