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NSL iManager Snapins Detector

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In Brief

Detect the NSL snapins installed on iManager remotely.


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  • iManager
  • Posted:1 Dec 2006
    File Size:8KB
    Publisher:Talekar Nagareshwar


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Target Platform: Windows, Linux, NetWare

    This is the perl script to scan the machines remotely to find out what NSL snapins are installed on iManager. You can run this script on any platform including Windows, Linux or NetWare.

    You can scan one machine or multiple machines at a time. On scanning it will detect if iManager is running on remote machine or not. If iManager is present, then it finds out whether any of the following NSL snapins are installed on this iManager.

    • Main Secure Login Snapin
    • pcProx Method Snapin
    • Secure Workstation Snapin

    This tool prevents checking for snapins by manually logging into iManager, thus saves lot of time during testing and deployments.

    How to Use

    Perl [-d] [-p <port>] { host | host-range }


    -d Do not use ping scan to check if the host is alive
    -p <port> Use specified <port> instead of default port 80

    For single host

    Perl -d
    Perl -d -p 8080

    For range of hosts


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