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List Extended Attributes with xattr APIs

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In Brief

List extended attributes on NSS files on a Linux Server.


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  • Linux
  • Open Enterprise Server
  • Posted:1 Dec 2006
    File Size:10KB
    Publisher:Dean Giles


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    This utility will list extended attributes on NSS files on a Linux Server. The utility was designed to help developers use the listxattr API with NSS volumes. The ability for OES servers to use the listxattr() API for NSS volumes has been added to SLES 9 OES1 SP2 with the following patches and parameters:

    • For the this Utility to work on SLES 9 OES1 SP2 the kernel needs to be at the 282 (2.6.5-7.282).
    It also requires the following patches:
    • km-nss-4.9.26-0.1.i586.rpm
    • novell-nss-4.9.23-1.i586.rpm
    • novell-sms-zapishim-2.6.5_7.282-1.0.5.i586.rpm

    NSS must be installed and running.

    • The following parameters must be set from NSSCON
      • NSS /ListXattrNWMetadata
      • NSS /CtimeISMetadataModTime

    How to Use the file:

    From a terminal type:
    listxattrs path/fileName.ext <enter>
    Where path/fileName.ext is the name of an NSS file that exists on an NSS volume on a Linux Server.

    Example: listxattrs /VOL1/file.txt <enter>

    Sample output:

    grep57:/xattr # ./listxattrs /media/nss/NSS1/file.txt
    The file /media/nss/NSS1/file.txt has the extended attribute(s) netware.metadata.
    There are 17 bytes of data in the extended attribute(s).

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