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In Brief

Configure certificate for NSL LDAP client to work with non-eDirectory servers.


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  • SecureLogin
  • Posted:7 Dec 2006
    File Size:68KB
    Publisher:Talekar Nagareshwar


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Target Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003.


    LDAP client can bind to directory server by statically using the server certificate or dynamically retrieving the certificate (called as interactive bind) from the server. Some of the directory servers do not support interactive bind, hence forcing the LDAP client to configure the certificate at client side.

    Novell Secure Login's LDAP client provides support for such directory servers by configuring the certificate at the client side. This tool automates the configuration of the certificate on the client side which is used by LDAP client later.

    How to use this tool

    • Export the certificate from the directory server you are using. While exporting the certificate, select either DER or B64 encoding scheme.
    • Now on the client machine, launch this tool. You will see the dialog as shown in the above picture.
    • Select "Enable certificate support" option to configure the certificate.
    • Next browse the certificate you have exported in the first step.
    • After this, select the encoding type that you have specified while exporting the certificate from the directory.
    • Now click update to complete the certificate configuration.

    If you want to remove the previous certificate configuration then you can select "Disable certificate support" option and click on "Update" to retain the default behavior.

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