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BMgrSaver v2.1.

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In Brief

Fulfills backup and restore of BorderManager Access Rules of the BorderManager server.


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  • BorderManager
  • Updated:22 May 2007
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    Publisher:Victor Kulichkin


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    The BMgrSaver program fulfills backup and restore of BorderManager Access Rules. We recommend using this program for the followings:

    • For backup and restore of BorderManager Access Rules at your BorderManager server.
    • For moving BorderManager Access Rules from a test server to the server of your company.
    • For an upgrade from the previous versions of BorderManager.
    • etc.


    1. Windows XP/2000. The program was not tested with the other Windows operation systems.
    2. Novell Client v.4.91 and later.
    3. SLP (or/and SAP) must work correctly in the network.
    4. Novell BorderManager 3.0 - 3.8 and Novell BorderManager 3.9.
    5. You need to have the Supervisor rights on the BorderManager server.

    The full information about the program and its features are on

    New in v2.1:

    New features:

    1. Support of Novell BorderManager 3.9.
    2. Added the ?Rules? box for review and update of AC rule list.
    3. Added creation of HTML reports.


    1. 1. The program could not fulfill the Refresh operation for the server from the other tree.

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