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FSF/NSM User Storage Service Driver

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In Brief

Loopback driver to automatically assign File System Factory/Novell Storage Manager policies to users.


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  • Posted:30 Dec 2006
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    Publisher:Lothar Haeger


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    This IDM driver config template uses the loopback driver to assign File System Factory/Novell Storage Manager policies to users based on the "L" (location) attribute.

    Basically, the first policy found where the policy's CN matches the user's L attribute is assigned to that user. Use ConsoleOne to add additional CN values to a policy if multiple locations uses the same policy. Separate archive and fallback policies can be configured to handle special cases. Backlinks on the FSF/NSM policies are maintained so that interoperability with NSM Admin should be no problem. See driver policies for details and drop me a line if you need futher assistance.

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