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CleanQ for NetMail 3.1 on NetWare
Delete messages from the queue of a specified user.
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Posted: 2 Mar 2004
File Size: 2KB
License: Free
Download 1:  cleanq_netware.zip
Publisher: Kevin Ward
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

This utility requires NetMail 3.1 or higher.

The options are:

--log-path=<PATH> The path to store logging file
--log-name=<NAME> The logging filename to be used
--spool=<PATH> The starting path for the spool directory to be examined
--newspool=<PATH> Move validated entries to <PATH>. The move option overrides '--enable-log-only' as the source files are removed after being relocated to <PATH>.
--threads=<COUNT> The maximum number of threads is <COUNT>
--queue=<QUEUE ID> Process only messages in queue <QUEUE ID>
--limit=<MAXIMUM> Process up to <MAXIMUM> messages
--time-to-live=<HOURS> Reset delivery date to retain message for <HOURS>
--start-id=<ID> Start incremental id for moved messages at <ID>
--remove-bounces Remove bounces
--enable-full Perform a comprehensive analysis
--enable-log-only Log actions to be taken; do not perform actions
--disable-log Disable logging output
--disable-threads Use only a single thread for processing
--disable-remove-orphans Do not check, or remove, orphaned message files
--from=<EMAIL> Remove messages from this addresses
--from-file=<PATH> Remove messages from the addresses read from <PATH>
--to=<EMAIL> Remove messages to this address
--to-file=<PATH> Remove messages to the addresses read from <PATH>

Since CleanQ directly accesses the queue directories (and entries), itmust NOT be run while NetMail is running on the box.

This version of CleanQ is significantly faster than previous versions. If you need to keepNetMail running while cleaning, shutdown NetMail, rename the queue directory, create a newqueue directory with the original name, restart NetMail, and then run CleanQ with the--spool option to indicate the new directory.