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NetMail 3.1 PlusPack
Add a common signature to all outgoing messages in plain text or HTML format
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Posted: 2 Mar 2004
File Size: 3KB
License: Free
Download 1:  netmail_pluspack.zip
Publisher: Kevin Ward
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

NetMail 3.1 PlusPack README

System Requirements

The PlusPack is provided for NetWare only, and works with NetMail version 3.10e or later.


The PlusPack agent, associated NWAdmin snapin, and schema extension utility are provided with no support from Novell.

Installation and Setup

Note: If you are running NetMail 3.10G or later, skip to step 4.
(NIMSEXT.NLM and PLUSPACK.NLM are already installed on your server if you are running NetMail 3.10G or later.)

  1. Make a backup of SYS:\SYSTEM\NIMSEXT.NLM.
  2. Copy the PlusPack schema extension utility (NIMSEXT.NLM) to SYS:\SYSTEM
  3. Copy the PlusPack agent (PLUSPACK.NLM) to SYS:\SYSTEM
  4. Copy the PlusPack NWAdmin snapin (plussnap.dll) to SYS:\public\win32\snapins
  5. Run NIMSEXT.NLM to extend schema for the PlusPack. DO NOT select the Configure Server option.
  6. Start NWAdmin, navigate to the Messaging Server container and create the PlusPack Agent object.
  7. Using NWAdmin, configure the PlusPack agent for Auto Signature, Global Message copy, and Remote Sending.


  1. Auto Signature

    This feature adds a common signature to all outgoing messages. The signature can be provided in plain text or HTML format.

  2. Global Message Copy

    This feature copies every message coming in or out of the system to a specified mailbox.

    Note: Please be aware that it may be illegal to view and/or copy messages from users other than yourself without that user's knowledge and/or permission.

    In some countries privacy laws override any company policies and therefore protect users from unwanted invasion of personal and company email communication.

    By using this feature, you agree not to hold Novell or any organization using Novell Internet Messaging System responsible for any or all liability, express or implied, resulting from use of this mail copying feature.

  3. Remote Sending

    This feature prevents local users from sending messages to remote servers, based on group membership.