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Adds collaboration management to GroupWise, turning thousands of emails into Business Intelligence.
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Updated: 6 Jul 2004
Created: 6 Jun 2004
File Size: 2.62 MB
License: Fully functional 30-day Eval
Download 2: SetupTCS190.exe
Home Page: http://www.open-net.biz
Publisher: OpenNet Software Ltd.
E-mail: info@open-net.biz
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Companies rely on email for business communication, as it is ubiquitous, immediate, universally accessible, self-documenting, & free.

Companies send & receive hundreds, even thousands of emails daily: within the company, to customers, partners, sub-contractors, & suppliers.

Collaboration requires sharing information. A common, structured, email repository is crucial for ollaboration.

Easy & efficient collaboration drives company productivity - this requires that groups be able to share huge amounts of email & other information.

GroupWise shares individual folders - without the folder's structural context. The lack of a common context for folders hinders collaboration.

In addition, users must accept & place shared folders - one by one - an annoying & time-consuming task.

TreeCast provides central management of shared folders & an automatic delivery system that builds entire trees in users' accounts - without their intervention.

Users see common trees of folders that contain email, documents, etc. as an integral part of their GroupWise.

TreeCast v1.90 runs as a Trusted Application against GroupWise 6.5.x and allows deployment without requiring TreeCast Client or any Proxy Rights.

The question isn't if you can afford to use TreeCast - you can - the question is: Can you afford not to?