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RLDMCRT v1.5 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Directory Map Create)
Creates a directory map object in NDS from a command line.
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Posted: 3 Mar 2004
File Size: 36KB
License: Free
Download 1:  rldmcrt.zip
Download 2: rldmcrt.zip
Publisher: Rick Laughinghouse
E-mail: rick_laughinghouseTAKETHISOUT@yahoo.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.
RLDMCRT v1.5 for NDS


RLDMCRT ObjectName VolumeObject [/P] [/D] [/L] [/M] [/O] [/Z]

ObjectName -- Distinguished name of the directory map object to create in DS.
VolumeObject -- Distinguished name of the Volume object that the directory map object points to in NDS.
/P Path -- File system directory path.
/D Description -- Text describing the directory map object.
/L Location -- Text describing the location.
/M Department -- Text describing the department.
/O Other Name -- Additional names of the directory map object.
/Z Organization -- Text describing the organization.
/? Help -- Displays Help.

Examples: RLDMCRT .CN.OU.O .Server_Volume.OU.O
RLDMCRT CN Server_Volume.
RLDMCRT .CN.OU.O .Server_Volume.OU.O /P DIR1\DIR2 /D "Yada Yada Yada"

Future updates and additional documentation will be available at www.geocities.com/rick_laughinghouse