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Disk Auditor Net
Utility to display information about network files.
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Posted: 22 Apr 2004
File Size: 2.41MB
License: Eval (40-day/60-use trial)
Download 1:  da.exe
Publisher: Frank Kusluski
E-mail: kusluski@mail.ic.net
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

Scan for and store daily network file statistics such as creator,deletor, archiver, creation date, deletion date, last access date, last archived date, etc.

Tally importantfile statistics for specific directories such as # modified files, # new files, # deleted files, and # archived files. Learn of deleted and new directories. Find problem users in the blink of an eye. Build informative queries and graphs on the data you've collected.

If you want to track what's going on "behind the scenes" with highly sensitive files then Disk Auditor is definitely for you!