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Easy and convenient reporting of ZENworks-Databases.
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Posted: 23 Apr 2004
Created: 10 Mar 2004
File Size: 2.4MB
License: 30-day Eval.
Download 1:  zenq-install.zip
Home Page: http://www.klopfer.com
Publisher: Manfred Klopfer
E-mail: info@klopfer.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

ZENq "squeezes" out your ZENworks database and writes out the results in XML format. In addition there is a history function of all queries. Of course it can be connected to your asset managementsystem.


  • User-friendly GUI
  • Direct connection to your ZENworks database via ODBC-driver
  • Caching of all query results in a separate database
  • Customized reporting from the local database
  • History function of all queries and the data pool
  • Optional extra - different data base formats (e.g. MS Access, MS SQL)
  • Export of data pool in xml- and csv-format
  • Optional extra - connection to third party systems
  • The clear user surface makes it easy to choose the data pool you want to scan.Besides the given reports there is a free software search function.

    The selected data is cached in an internal database. The history function makes it possible to get a detailed overview of all read-in actions and associated data, classified by date or workstation.

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