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ZENworks Handheld Management Install CPK

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In Brief

Automatically install or upgrade ZENworks Handheld Management.


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  • ZENworks
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  • CPK
  • Posted:24 Oct 2006
    File Size:18.6 MB
    Publisher:Martin Irwin


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    In this solution we have combined two technologies from Novell into one solution: The text file editing, file copying and program loading feature of ZENworks server Management with the silent install capacities of ZENworks Handheld Management. This facilitates the Mass and Rapid deployment of the installation and/or upgrade of ZENworks Handheld Management into your Windows Server environment. By deploying the CPKs through your existing ZENworks Server Management environment you have a solution that is simple, Cost- effective, Tiered and Scheduled.

    Read ZENworks Handheld Management Install and Upgrade Methodologies by Martin Irwin for all the details.

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