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Automatically update holidays, company events, etc. in users' calendars.
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Updated: 7 Dec 2004
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Home Page: http://www.itq.dk/software
Publisher: IT Quality A/S
E-mail: swsupport@itq.dk
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Most groupware systems on the market today seem to have problems with centrally updating calendar entries - This is also a challenge in GroupWise. However IT Quality has solved this problem with EasyCalendar.

EasyCalendar solves several issues for the company's IT administration; for example, Bank Holiday updates distributed directly via the GroupWise servers. It is now possible to enter events such as Christmas and New Year's Eve once and for all and automatically get these events integrated into every chosen users' calendars. When a new employee starts working for the organization or a new user is added, she/he automatically receives the base "calendar template" that the administrator has designed.

EasyCalendar will also be able to distribute special corporate events, meetings etc. The events can be entered into the templates well ahead of schedule and you can choose to have different events distributed to different containers. For example, the sales department could have common sales events and the production department could have productionmeetings.

Because of user requests, we have made an EasyCalendar LITE version.

How does it work?

You create one or two Calendar Master users in GroupWise, then enterthe events into the calendar of the Calendar Master (e.g. there aredifferent bank holidays in different countries). EasyCalendar willautomatically distribute the appointments to all users that have notbeen excluded. Cancelled or changed schedules will also be distributedand either deleted or updated. This happens without the users gettingnotification, and without the need or possibility for the user to acceptthe appointments.

The product is a pure back-end solution, EasyCalendar does not need toinstall any software on the users PCs, that means the calendars will getupdated regardless of whether you use Webaccess, Linux orWindowsplatforms. The program uses GroupWise 6.5's trusted applications,and does not require changes on the users PCs.

The Lite version has a limit on max. 2 master calendars, the fullversion is unlimited.

Which users receive updates?

Currently there are two different scenarios:

1: You chose which eDirectory containers (for example the BRAZIL container), and chosewhich users in the container(s) is NOT to receive the updates. The distribution of appointments is based on eDirectory locations, and therefore the organizations eDirectory design is the basis for thedistributions, like Country, Division etc.

2: You chose eDirectory Group(s) or Dynamic Group(s), and members of the group(s) will receive the updates. This can be very useful in some environments. There is also an option to exclude specific members of those groups if necessary.

Changes in

The changes from to this version are

  • Implemented support for Notes (html & attachments are not supported yet).
  • Updated the XML(dtd) to accomodate the support for notes.
  • Implemented verification dialogue when deleting settings for a calendar master.
  • Changed the Excluded users dialogue to use the GW database instead of eDirectory.
  • Improved Uninstallation.