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In Brief

Back up and restore trustee rights.


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  • Rights
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  • Posted:19 Apr 2007
    File Size:3KB
    Publisher:Peter Hine


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    I noticed that while the rights facility under Linux was useful for telling you the rights for a particular directory, it wasn't suitable or really useful for anything more. NetWare has trustees.nlm that can backup a volumes trustees to a XML sheet, but Linux doesn't have that. Simply backing up the .XML sheet in ._NETWARE directory and copying it back in when needed (or editing it to add particular trustees) only worked occasionally.

    I was desiring a tool that would record the current rights in a way that tbackup.exe used to do (when it worked). So here it is.

    The ZIP file includes

    Usage: [-f dir] [-r]
    Creates a in the root of each volume unless -f is used.
    -r relative. Don't include the /media/nss directory.
    -f do one directory only, by default program does every volume in /media/nss.

    Example output of what would look like:

    # Restore rights to volume DATA
    rights -f "/media/nss/DATA" -r  irf
    rights -f "/media/nss/DATA/apps" -r rf trustee
    rights -f "/media/nss/DATA/deploy" -r rf trustee
    rights -f "/media/nss/DATA/user/TestScoundrel" -r rwcefm trustee

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