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Keep sensitive messages safe from prying eyes.
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Posted: 9 Nov 2004
Created: 10 May 2004
File Size: 1,689 KB
License: Free (License sent upon request)
Download 2: SetupGWSpy.exe
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Home Page: http://www.gwbusiness.biz
Publisher: OpenNet Software Ltd.
E-mail: sales@gwbusiness.biz
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

GWBiz::Spy is a personal productivity utility that enhances your control over your GroupWise account:

  • Hide Sensitive Messages: GroupWise hidden messages cannot be seen or read by others - even if they have Proxy rights to your GW account!
  • Quickly Locate Messages in your Mailbox: View, Delete, or Purge messages - filtered by type, subject, date, etc.
  • Optionally exclude public (Shared) folders from your searches
  • GWBiz::Spy searches your mailbox faster than the GW Find feature, and can scan your entire mailbox in under a minute!
  • View messages in GWBiz::Spy text box * or open message in GroupWise Client
  • GWBiz::Spy shows your GW account statistics: # of folders, # of messages, etc.
  • The GWBiz::Spy interface is more intuitive to many users who find the GroupWise Search interface complex - and provides powerful tools to manage mailboxes that are getting out of control.