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IDM 3.5 Metrics Client Demo

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In Brief

Demo shows how IDM 3.5 Metrics Webservice can be used to generate a dashboard that can be used to monitor/evaluate workflow performance.


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  • Identity Manager
  • Posted:15 Jan 2007
    File Size:4MB
    Publisher:Nicolas Pujol


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.



    1. Unzip archive
    2. cd MetricsClient
    3. java -jar lib/Metrics.jar
    4. An ant build file and the source is provided for your convenience. To build just type ant assuming you have ant properly install in your system.

      That is it!


    This demo shows how a charting package such as JfreeChart can be used to generate Charts (of type Pie and Line XY) with data issued from the IDM 3.5 Metrics WebService.

    In order to use it you will need to:

    1. Login and specify the url (e.g. http://server:port/IDMProv/metrics/service) where the metrics service endpoint lives.
    2. Select a task from the menu on the left hand-side. You will need to select a provisioning request and version and if applicable, a team.


    Figure 1. shows how the tool can be used to monitor the decision break out for a provisioning request.

    Figure 2. shows how the tool can be used to monitor the weekly processed provisioning request.

    Figure 3. shows the Flow Representation available under Analyze Process Performance/Flow Metrics is clickable.

    Simply click on the User Activity you want metrics on.

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