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NordicEdge One-time password authentication for Novell GroupWise 7 WebAccess

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In Brief

Strong authentication using NordicEdge One-time password authentication for GroupWise 7 WebAccess.


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  • Posted:26 Feb 2007
    License:Userbased License
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    Publisher: NordicEdge AB, Sweden


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    SMS One-time password authentication for Novell® GroupWise™ V7 WebAccess

    NordicEdge One-Time Password Server ™ adds extra security to protect your Novell GroupWise 7 WebAccess™. When the user id and password is successfully verified, a one time password is sent to mobile phone through SMS (Short Message Services). This one time password will be verified and only then will the user be authenticated to the application.

    The NordicEdge OTPServer integration with Novell GroupWise 7 WebAccess enhances the Novell GroupWise 7 WebAccess product by providing a SMS (SMTP) One-time password authentication functionality.

    For more information please visit, call +46 8 643 16 74 or email to

    How it works

    If the username and password is verified correctly by the standard Novell GroupWise 7 WebAccess password control the information is sent to the NordicEdge One-time password plug-in. The plug-in will read the user attribute that contains the mobile phone number from the Novell GroupWise 7 WebAccess to Novell eDirectory. Any user attribute can be used.

    A request is then sent to the NordicEdge OTPServer to create and send an one-time password through SMS (Short Message Services) to the user?s mobile phone.

    If the one-time password was successfully sent, the NordicEdge OTPServer sends a notification back to the GroupWise Webagent to go on to the next step.

    The user receives the one-time password to his/hers mobile phone.

    The NordicEdge OTP SERVER INTEGRATION MODULE NOVELL® GROUPWISE™ V7 WEBACCESS now prompts the user for the one-time password:

    The user enters the one-time password and the plug-in sends the one-time password together with the username to the NordicEdge OTP Server machine. This one-time password will be verified and the user will be logged into his/her email.


    NordicEdge OTPServer™. This is a pure Java application. It will run on any Java 1.4 compliant platform including Novell Netware.


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