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ABC LanLicenser - Software Metering and License Tracking
Software metering saves you money by redeploying unused licenses.
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Posted: 18 Jun 2004
Created: 9 Jan 2002
File Size: 35MB
License: Fully-functional 30-day evaluation
Download 1:  abc_lan_licenser.exe
Home Page: http://www.lanlicenser.com
Publisher: ABC Enterprise Systems, Inc.
E-mail: sales@abcsystems.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

Evaluation. Please email sales@abcsystems.com to obtain a free 30-day evaluation key. The evaluation version is a fully-functional version.

LanLicenser is the ideal complement to ZENworks to take ownership cost reduction one step further.

Reduce total cost of ownership through elimination of waste
By giving you complete visibility on actual software usage, LanLicenser enables you to purchase, install, upgrade and support the applications actually required by end-users to perform their business duties. This tighter adjustment of application portfolio to business needs will reduce the total ownership cost of your desktops dramatically.

Achieve license compliance without overpaying
Most firms control software usage by maintaining an inventory of software installed on workstations and servers. They then purchase additional licenses as necessary to ensure compliance. The lack of information about actual usage inevitably results in unnecessary expenditure. With its advanced metering technology, LanLicenser provides you with the information you need to make informed purchasing decisions and achieve license compliance at the right cost.

Control desktop usage reliably and cost-effectively
In environments where security and compliance require the control of application usage, rigorous enforcement consumes significant internal IT resources. Furthermore, locking down the desktops can harm users' ability to carry out normal business tasks. LanLicenser proposes an innovative approach to the problem by preventing users from running prohibited software, whatever its source, without altering the desktop configuration. This approach offers 100% reliability at a very low cost.

Scalable architecture
LanLicenser has been designed to grow with your business. Its n-tier architecture makes it flexible enough to fit organizations of all types and sizes, be they centralized or distributed over the world.

Information you can act upon
LanLicenser provides fully customizable reports that enable you to get exactly what you need and want. Our goal is to help you achieve your objectives.

Low administration requirements
You won't need an army of system administrators to run LanLicenser. It has been designed to be user-friendly and require minimal training. It is easy and quick to deploy.

Integration capabilities
LanLicenser is designed to integrate seamlessly into your environment, and will integrate with most of the leading software asset management solution providers, including Novell ZENworks. By comparing software inventory data from ZENworks with software usage data from LanLicenser, you can remove or redeploy unused licenses and save on maintenance costs as well as new licenses.

Please visit www.lanlicenser.com for more information.