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Meeting Place Asset Manager for GroupWise
View available meeting rooms and assets, and perform boardroom bookings directly from GroupWise.
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Posted: 21 Jun 2004
File Size: 8MB
License: 30-Day Demo
Download 1:  dl_mpam.asp
Home Page: http://www.bradatech.com
Publisher: BRADATECH Corp.
E-mail: sales@bradatech.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the GroupWise client and allows the user to easily browse an organization's available meeting rooms
  • Ability to perform boardroom bookings directly from GroupWise without requiring costly additional enterprise software
  • Ability to view a description for each meeting room and navigate to a corporate Intranet for displaying details of the meeting room and its assets
  • Ability to search for specific assets and equipment included in the meeting room
  • Ability to specify seating capacity in boardrooms
  • Uses the GroupWise Busy Search function to search for room availability
  • Uses the GroupWise calendar and appointments to finalize the meeting room booking process
  • Fast performance by remaining resident while the GroupWise client is running.
  • Unloads from memory when GroupWise client terminates.