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NALalyse v1.0.0 Beta 3
Sanity check, document, search & report on ZENWorks NAL objects.
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Updated: 9 Aug 2004
File Size: 8.5MB
License: Free, Beta
Download 1:  NALalyseBeta3.EXE
Home Page: http://www.johnnyfoster.com/Downloads_NALalyse.htm
Publisher: John Foster
E-mail: Johnny@JohnnyFoster.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

ZENWorks 3.2/4.01

As well as fixing known bugs and increasing general resilience, this new version of NALalyse also contains various functionality enhancements, new features and more reports, including a new Application Flags report.

NALalyse allows Novell ZENWorks administrators to quickly sanity check, search and document ZENWorks for Desktops Network Application Launcher (NAL) objects - its sophisticated rule-base detects dozens of potential NAL configuration issues, including accidental distribution of machine specific registry and file data, inappropriate distribution of system DLLs, applications with no associations, slow to distribute apps and general deviations from Novell best practices.

Along with providing detailed reports of NAL issues and potential resolutions, it also has various other in-built reports which aid documentation and provide detailed information on application attributes, associations, 'fingerprints', run orders, macros, flags and more.

NALalyse is also capable of quickly searching hundreds of NAL objects within minutes, identifying applications distributing specific registry entries, files, INI & Text entries etc. - great for tracking down applications trampling over system files and causing 'Windows File Protection' events.

Screen shots and more detailed information are available at http://www.johnnyfoster.com/Downloads_NALalyse.htm, please also visit the new forum at http://www.johnnyfoster.com/forums for installation pre-requisites, known issues and wish lists.