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TINY remote control for DOS

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In Brief

Lets you remotely control a Netware DOS machine from Windows or Linux over TCP/IP.


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  • NetWare
  • Open Enterprise Server
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  • Posted:15 Feb 2007
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    License:Free for non-commercial use
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    Publisher:Josh Levine


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    TINY is a set of programs that lets you remotely control a DOS computer from any Java-capable machine over a TCP/IP connection. It is comparable to programs like VNC, CarbonCopy, and GotoMyPC except that the host machine is a DOS computer rather than a Windows one.

    TINY runs as a TSR on top of the Novell Client32 TCP/IP stack for DOS.

    TINY Features:

    • *UDP based - Get rid of those proprietary protocols on your network once and for all!
    • *Eliminates need to load NetBIOS - More lower 640K memory available!
    • *Works with all on-board and add-in video cards- no extra VGA card needed!
    • *Permits multiple people to control the same machine simultaneously.
    • *Handy pop-up menu lets you send ANY key combination.
    • *Client selectable screen refresh rate- generate as little or as much network traffic as you want.
    • *Works over the Internet
    • *Lots of command-line options to customize the TINY launch state to exactly the way you like it every time!
    • *Multiplatform Java client lets you control DOS machines from Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, even your cell phone!
    • *Instant connection startup
    • *Source code and protocol documentation available
    • *Uses either the Novell Client32 DOS TCP/IP stack or the FTP Software OnNet PCTCP TCP/IP stack- the two most popular DOS TCP/IP stacks in history!
    • *Toggleable status window helps you diagnose network issues.
    • *Fancy "About" box incase you forget where you downloaded it.
    • *Thanks development sponsored by SICK|MAIHAK , TINY now supports many VGA graphics modes including 640x480x16!
    • *Also thanks to your friends at SICK, TINY now better supports foreign keyboard codepages.
    • *Reliable keystroke processing means never having to type the same key twice when you only mean it once.
    • *Ability to load custom keyboard translation tables. Now you can make TINY work with any foreign keyboard, or just make it so that pressing the enter key types a smiley face on the remote system!
    • *Use any UDP port you like - run dozens of copies of TINY on your NATed internet connection!
    • *Thanks to development sponsored by Electronic Flow Control A/S, TINY now supports Hercules graphics too!
    • *TINY now supports screen scaling so you can fill your new 30" monitor edge to edge with DOSness!

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