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NoClone - Find Duplicate Files
Find and Remove Duplicate files. Truebyte-by-byte comparison.
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Updated: 28 Feb 2005
File Size: 3.74MB
License: Shareware. Free Trial.
Download 2: NoClone.exe
Home Page: http://noclone.net/
Publisher: Reasonable Software House
E-mail: general@noclone.net
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

NoClone - Find and Remove TRUE duplicate files

  • True Byte-to-byte comparison , not by CRC.
  • Search duplicate file contents regardless of file name
  • Search duplicate files, file portions, file name, simple fuzzymatch
  • Smart deletion - select files by size/ date/ version/ pattern/folder
  • Save search session
  • Export result list (CSV format)
  • Search any type of files, jpg, mp3, mpeg etc
  • Search up to 100,000 files and more
  • Search over local PC and network
  • Delete or move duplicate files
  • Clean up disk space, manage files better

* Enterprise Ed.: Search over network

NoClone is shareware: only limited duplicate files (i.e. 3000 files) will be compared until licensed.