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GWBiz::Commander 2.5
A Modular Management Platform that lets you define System Administration Policies to control GroupWise better than ever before.
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Updated: 3 Mar 2005
File Size: 40.6 MB
License: 30-Day Trial, Commercial User-based Licensing
Download 2: SetupGWC25.exe
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Home Page: http://www.gwbusiness.net
Publisher: OpenNet Software Ltd.
E-mail: sales@gwbusiness.net
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

GWBiz::Commander 2.5 is Modular Administration & Management Platform for GroupWise 6.5, composed of the GWCommander Engine & optional GWBiz::Modules -GWBiz::Retain, GWBiz::Control, GWBiz::GWAVA Connector.The GWCommander Engine can be expanded simply by purchasing licenses that unlock the functionality of each of the optional Modules.

GWCommander offers the most comprehensive Policy Definition of any GroupWise administration solution available, and let's you search GroupWise like a database, view system statistics as HTML Reports, cleanup GW, collect Outgoing, Incoming & Junk Mail Folder addresses, and more.

GWCommander offers:

Powerful Criteria-based Policies - The Policy (Task) Definition GUI allows defining:

  • Policy Scope: (common to all operations)
    • Select one or more Domains, Post Offices, or even GW users
    • Folder Exclusion: Exclude Shared Incoming Folders, Shared Outgoing Folders, Personal Folders
  • Policy Criteria: Tabbed GUI allows defining criteria based on Different Types of Administration Tasks
    • Statistics Tab - Collect comprehensive Mailbox & GW Database statistics (consumes GWCheck in addition to other statistics collection)

    (GWBiz::GWAVA Connector uses this Tab - its functionality is enabled when licensed)

  • Basic Cleanup - Simple Interface to define Trash & Calendar Cleanup Criteria
  • Actions - Advanced Selection Criteria Definition (common to Advanced Cleanup & System-Wide Search)
    # Entire Account
    # Keywords in Subject or Message text
    # Sender or Recipient (full address or domain)
    # Attachment Pattern (filename - supports wildcards - and/or file type) & Size
    # Date or Range of Dates for Incoming/Outgoing messages or documents

    (GWBiz::Retain uses this Tab - its functionality is enabled when licensed)

  • Set System Alert Thresholds - Define thresholds for the following system parameters:

  • # Number of Messages in Mailbox
    # Number of Sent Items in Mailbox
    # Number of Messages in folders
    # Number of Address Books
    # Number of Frequent Contacts
    # Mailbox Inactivity Period (days)

Scheduled Jobs - Consist of one or more (defined) Policies, & are executed by the GWCommander Daemon.

Tomcat-based Presentation Engine - Provides Rich & Customizable JSP Reports viewable from any Web-Browser

Embedded Web-Server - Generates HTML Reports that can be viewed in the GWCommander Console - or any Web-Browser

Embedded Browser - To view HTML Reports and Help

System Alerts are saved in the Job's report and sent as an attachment to selected Administrators

A new Proxy Rights Report is also mailed as an attachment to selected Administrators!

GWCommander offers a broad of control & management capabilities that are unavailable in any (single) other GW Administration solution.

See GWBiz::Commander 2.0's Feature List here -http://www.gwbusiness.net/gwc_features.html

For detailed Technical Information, see the GWBiz::Commander 2.5 User Manual - http://www.gwbusiness.net/support/GWC_v2.5_User_Manual.pdf

The Trial version of GWBiz::Commander includes the entire Platform with all GWBiz:: Modules, including GWBiz::Retain, GWBiz::Control, &GWBiz::GWAVA Connector.

Download your 30-day trial version today - and see what GWBiz::Commander can do for you!