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In Brief

Tool to efficiently enumerate process heaps on Windows.


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  • Posted:18 Jun 2007
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    Publisher:Talekar Nagareshwar


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    ProcHeapViewer is a fast heap enumeration tool which uses better technique than normal Windows heap API functions. It is very useful tool for anyone especially developers involved in analyzing process heaps and makes it easy to troubleshoot any heap related problems.

    Traditional Windows heap enumeration functions are slower and take lot of time while traversing large number of heap blocks. ProcHeapViewer removes those flaws by using better implementation based on reverse engineering of heap API functions.

    Using ProcHeapViewer:

    • Launch ProcHeapViewer by clicking on the binary file. It automatically loads all running processes including services.
    • Select any process from the list. Then all the heap nodes for that process will be displayed.
    • Now you can click on any of the heap nodes to display all the heap blocks within it.
    • Next click on one of the heap block to view its contents. You can store its contents by clicking on the 'save' button. To get back to the main screen, simply click on 'close' button.


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