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HashCash Agent for Novell NetMail
Add hashcash to messages passing through a NetMail server from specified users.
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Posted: 2 Aug 2004
File Size: 14KB
License: GPL
Download 1:  hashcash.zip
Home Page: http://netmail.sourceforge.net/
Publisher: Pascal
E-mail: Pascal666@Users.SourceForge.Net
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

This allows the user's email to better avoid anti-spam filters.

This agent is implemented in java so that it will run on every platform NetMail will run on, though it does support running on a different server than NMAP as well. After installing a JVM, extract the distribution package to its permanent home. Then edit the config file, setting the domain(s) or user(s) whose e-mail you wish to contain hashcash, and other settings as desired. The agent can be launched with the command "java -jar hashcash.jar".