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Notify GWWebUsers over SMS when Log in to GWWEBACCESS

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In Brief

Notify GwWebAccess users when log in to the GWWEBACCESS.


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  • Posted:2 Jul 2007
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    Publisher:Koltogyan Sergey Rubenovich


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    How this works:

    Perl script from the NW-server console checks every 60 sec LAST LOG-file in the folder:
    If Script found records about: "login" - script check in the sys:\etc\ngwwebus\notifyusers - notify or no logged user .
    If need notify - send e_mail to SMS-provider for user telephone number.

    This works on the NetWare 6.5 With GroupWise 7 (gwweb) with Apache+tomcat.
    This will be not work on SLES (gwwweb+apache+tomcat on sles) because - GW FLUSH logs on the LINUX to the hardware every 15 min..:(
    My script - check logs on the hardware.

    How to configure:

    1. create folder:

    2. unpak to the

    3. You need to get this information:
      3.1 IP-address your foriegn SMTP server (over this server will be send SMS-notify),
      3.2 Name your mail domain. Example, for Novell this:
      3.3 User name from which will be send notify, example: gwnotifyu

    4. Open for edit file: sys:\perl\scripts\
      4.1 search string with: and replace to the
      4.2 seacrh all strings with rovsepian\ and replace this record to the gwnotifyu\
      4.3 end edit this file.

    5. Open for edit file: sys:\etc\ngwwebus\notifyusers in this file lise users and e_mail for send SMS to the users.
      Example, if for send SMS to the 8-050-347-11-84 (this cellural phone by user: rbradbary) need send e_mail to the:
      5.1 add this string :
      5.2 end edit this file.

    6. Open for edit file:
      6.1 Find in folder: \\server\sys\Novell\WebAccess\logs the NEWEST file.
      Example: \\server\sys\Novell\WebAccess\logs\0702was.001
      6.2 File sys:\etc\ngwwebus\lastfile mast have this one string:

    7. Run from the server console this script:
      perl sys:\perl\scripts\

    How to STOP script:

    Need to create file: sys:\gwstop.txt. (don`t forget after stop-script delete this file ;) ).

    What result?

    User rbradbary log in to the GWWebAccess from the interbnet. After this rbradnary receive SMS with information, example:

    where: - from this e_mail was send
    2007-07-02 - (07 - Jul, 02 - day of the month)
    14:00:06 - HH:mm:ss - from this IP-address was login.

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