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Trapper 3.0.2
Controller/analyzer of HTTP traffic for users of Novell BorderManager.
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Updated: 24 Jan 2005
File Size: 1.96MB
License: Demo: One installation for one NBM server.
Download 1:  trapper.zip
Home Page: http://www.kvy.com.ua
Publisher: Victor Kulichkin
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

The program Trapper scans the Common Log files of HTML proxy of Novell BorderManager ("NBM") server and allows the following:

  • Get detailed information about work of your users in Internet for a defined (account) period.
  • Enter a limit on Internet downloading for each your user - HTTP traffic limiter.
  • Lock/unlock access of the users in Internet, without using NWAdmin.
  • Blocking unwanted websites or domains. For this operation you have to install and configure the Connectotel LinkWall software on the NBM server. The detailed information about this software can be obtained from the site http://www.connectotel.com.
  • Get personal user information from NDS.
  • From collected information, expose the bill to the user for an account period (billing operations).
  • Save collected information to HTML files.

The program consists of two functionally independent parts:

  • Trapper Engine. Scans the Common log files, forms the Trapper database controls Internet access by criteria established in Trapper Admin, sets starting parameters for forming the database, fulfils backup and restore operations, automatically forms three types of daily reports. This program has a possibility to handle information in real time.
  • Trapper Admin. Controls the database, grants detailed information about user's work in Internet, forms HTML reports, sets criteria for controlling of user's access in Internet, blocks access to unwanted websites and domain, gives personal user information from NDS.

The install pack "trapper.zip" consists of three parts:

  1. Documentation - ReadMeEn.doc
  2. Trapper Admin - SetupAdm.exe
  3. Trapper Engine - SetupEngDemo.exe

In the demo version Trapper Engine has the following restrictions:

  • No NDS Thread mode. You cannot control http traffic and user access in Internet.
  • No Main Thread mode. You cannot to get information from logs in real time.
  • No Define Name operation. TrapEngine does not define user names if they are not written by NBM in log files.
  • No billing operations.
  • No Day and Departments daily HTML reports.

The full information about the program and its new features is placed: http://www.kvy.com.ua