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iManager Plugin (NPM) Resource File Comparison

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In Brief

Command Line Tool to compare the resource (properties) file(s) in iManager Plugin NPM Build.


Product Categories:
  • Identity Manager
  • Functional Categories:
  • Identity & Security Management
  • Posted:30 Jul 2007
    File Size:8KB
    Publisher:Raghuveer Talekar


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Target Platform:

    All Platforms.


    Java 1.4 or Higher is required.


    Resource File Comparison is tool to compare the resource file(s) in iManager Plugin NPM Build. Resource file(s) are nothing but all available/supported localization .properties file(s). It is very useful tool for anyone especially developer/tester involved in iManager Plugin or Framework development/testing.

    It compares the other locale resource file(s) with English resource file.


    1. iManager Plugin NPM(s) as well as Framework NPM(s) are supported.
    2. Lists the set of properties file(s) available in the NPM and their count.
    3. Lists each properties file and resource ID difference.
    4. Lists missing resource file(s).
    5. res.conf is provided which is configuration file, where you can put supported language/locale IDs.

    This resource file should present in same directory from where you are executing the tool. If it's not present, the tool will assume default set of locales.

    If you have resource file and you want to compare those resource file, put those resource file in folder and zip it. Rename the zip file to npm and supply it to this tool.

    Using Plugin Resource File Comparison:

    Unzip using unzip command line utility or winzip/winrar utility.

    For windows:


    This will display the help. Follow this.

    For Unix:


    This will display the help. Follow this


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