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Xen OCF Resource Management Script for HA Stack

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In Brief

Manage Xen domU as HA resource, replaces "xm".


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  • Scripting
  • Updated:21 Nov 2007
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    Publisher:Ivan Vari


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    This script could be a replacement for the traditional "xm" command. In HA stack if the domU is specified as Xen OCF resource it then cannot be started, stopped, migrated, managed with traditional utilities because HA simply wouldn't know what happened to the resource. As a panic action it could start another instance of the same domU causing trouble.

    The script is not gonna solve your misconfigured HA issues, it really needs a well defined policy and a well working system.

    It's advised that you set up resource stickiness in HA with a score of INFINITY, I usually set up alias as well for my root account to replace the traditional xm command:

    dom0:~ # echo "alias xm='/etc/xen/scripts/xm-ha'" >> ~/.bashrc
    dom0:~ # source ~/.bashrc

    The script could be located at /etc/xen/scripts. If it's shared (via OCFS2) all nodes will pick up changes to it instantly. (if any)

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