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Delete all Registry Key Delete sections from a named .AXT file
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Posted: 4 Nov 2004
File Size: 393KB
License: Free
Download 1:  regkey_delete_clean.zip
Publisher: Bryan Keadle
E-mail: BKeadle@TAKETHISOUTpalatine.il.us
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

Sometimes (often, actually, for me) when doing a snapshot process, I find the resulting .AXT file will report several, erroneous [Registry Key Delete] items which creates an unnecessarily large .AXT file to process and cleanup. It appears to be enumerating all the registry keys on a machine, and recording them in the .AXT file as [Registry Key Delete] sections.

I created a utility as a workaround to this issue (RegKeyDeleteClean.exe), which will delete all Registry Key Delete sections from a named .AXT file (see SYNAX screen below).


Specify an .AXT file to clean the [Registry Key Delete] sections.
If not specified, you'll be prompted for the file.

This utility will delete all erroneous sections resulting in the following files:

AXTFile.--1 Backup of original .AXT file
AXTFile.AXT Cleaned copy of the .AXT file
AXTFile-RKD.AXT All [Registry Key Delete] sections removed