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Incremental GroupWise Database Backups

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In Brief

How to use a shell to backup GroupWise databases.


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  • Posted:1 Oct 2007
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    Publisher:Todd W. Carter


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    I was working on a project to replicate all user data from 22 school sites into one central storage server, using RSYNC and replicating to a SLES 10 OES2 server.

    I thought while I was at it I would replicate my GroupWise databases at the same time, providing an off-site backup.

    I decided to use DBCOPY to backup the the data. However, without using the /I switch, DBCOPY would backup the entire database when all I wanted was new data to be backed up each night. Also, I wanted to automate the process with CRON so it would run unattended.

    But how does one set a new paramenter for a switch in NetWare, which is the OS for my GroupWise system?

    I finally realized that I could set a variable for DATE in a BASH shell, and then run DBCOPY using the /i $DATE switch which makes DBCOPY do an incremental backup. I then wrote the attached scripts, one for the Domain, and one for each Post Office. I schedule them to run at separate times in CRONTAB by calling BASH /path/to/script. This avoids having multiple instances of DBCOPY running at the same time and provides me with current data to RSYNC from the backup directory.

    Here are sample crontab entries:

    0 19 * * * bash sys:/etc/
    30 19 * * * bash sys:/etc/
    30 20 * * * bash sys:/etc/
    0 2 * * * sys:/rsync/domainbu.ncf
    15 2 * * * sys:/rsync/mainbu.ncf
    0 4 * * * sys:/rsync/distbu.ncf

    The NCF files are simple RSYNC commands as documented in Cool Solutions that send the data to the SLES server.

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