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In Brief

This utility enables you to run a program in a specified window and wait state.


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  • ZENworks
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  • Administration
  • Posted:24 Oct 2007
    File Size:515KB
    Publisher:Bryan Keadle


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    For our ZENworks NAL objects, when using run Launch scripts, I would normally use "cmd /c" as the "Script Engine" to process the script as a batch file.

    Unfortunately, this will throw up a DOS box. Sometimes this is undesired, but I have found no way to have "cmd /c" run minimized by default. RunCmd.exe is a utility that will enable me to not only run this command in a minimized window, but even HIDDEN if I want. By simply replacing the Script Engine value with:

    The run script of this NAL object is hidden from view.

    There are other uses for this utility besides NAL's Run Scripts -- such as scheduled processes or other administrative scripts.

         Program:   command line (and parameters) to execute
     ICON or MIN:   run command in a MINIMIZE window
     ZOOM or MAX:   run command in a MAXIMIZED window
          HIDDEN:   run command in a HIDDEN window
          NOWAIT:   run program and exit, don't wait for program to complete
           QUIET:   hide RUNCMD's processing window

    By default, RunCmd will run the program in a Normal window, and wait for it to finish before it terminates.

    I have a similar utility, RunHide found here, however it serves a different purpose, and each has unique options.

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