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Command line tool to test for alive (or listening) TCP ports.
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Posted: 22 Nov 2004
File Size: 765KB
License: Free
Download 1:  ipportcheck.exe
Publisher: Bryan Keadle
E-mail: BKeadle@TAKETHISOUTpalatine.il.us
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

Here's a handy tool I use all the time, handy for troubleshooting eDirectory/NetWare services, GroupWise MTA/POA ports, etc.

Often, you want to see if a particular port on a given host is open. Like "ping", it's nice to know if something is alive when you're trying to troubleshoot a possible communications problem. With IPPortCheck, you can effectively "ping" a given port on a give host. If you get an "alive" response, you know the communications channel is open.

I use this to test firewall configurations or if I can reach a particular service on a host.

PING is a nice tool to check to see if a particular host is alive, but, as an ICMP request, which often can be blocked across networks, it doesn't confirm necessarily that the host isn't up. IPPortCheck sends a TCP request to the target, and will respond to it if you know the specified port is allowed through.


IPPortCheck (host) (port)
IPPortCheck host:port