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GroupWise Mail Saver
Save a whole folder of messages, including attachments, to simple text files on disk, with one click.
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Posted: 6 Dec 2004
File Size: 1.5M
License: Free
Download 1:  MailSaver-3.0-Open
Publisher: Scott Flowers
E-mail: flowerss@TAKETHISOUTae.ca
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

If you work in an environment where e-mail messages need to be saved with other project data, or if you are just paranoid and never want to delete e-mails, there is a GroupWise plugin called MailSaver that I have written that allows you to keep mail outside of GroupWise quickly and easily.

The tool is called MailSaver, and it can save all messages in a GroupWise folder, including attachments, with one click. The tool is a GroupWise client plugin, and once it's installed, you right-click on a folder in your Cabinet, and select MailSaver to either save the messages, or save both the messages and attachments, to the location of your choice.

It saves each message in a separate text file, and you can select how the text files are named in the configuration window. Names include the date plus your option of sender ID, your ID, and subject line. All attachments are saved, and if attachments exist in multiple messages with duplicate names, a -1, -2, -3 etc. are added after the attachment name.

If you are into GroupWise programming, the source code is also available for you to do what you like with, under a BSD-style license. It includes examples of GroupWise Object API code and GroupWise c3po code.