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Easily report, sort, and trend on user's email statistics, mailbox sizes, and space taken by attachments.
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Posted: 14 Dec 2004
File Size: 449KB
License: Free
Download 1:  gwattachmentstats.zip
Publisher: Bryan Keadle
E-mail: BKeadle@TAKETHISOUTpalatine.il.us
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

This tool is tested with and known to work with GWCheck version 6.0.3.

We have determined that much of our total GroupWise storage is due to attachments that are left in users' mail boxes. Many of these attachments are dated and can be buried in a userís Cabinet folder for reference, or still exist as Sent or Trashed item. We can significantly reduce our GroupWise storage space without resorting to global policies to delete or archive messages if we could identify these messages with attachments for the users, and provide them with a report of the messages with attachments and request that they "clean house".

Though the GWCheck program provided by GroupWise does give the ability to report on mailbox statistics, and find this information, the resulting log does not lend itself to be imported into a spreadsheet or database for reporting purposes.

This utility program, GWAttachmentStats.exe, parses out a GWCheck report generated to report attachment statistics. With an options file defined like this:

Where we are reporting on all messages with attachments larger than 3 MB, it will process the resulting log file into 2 tab-delimited files, SUMMARY.TXT and DETAIL.TXT, which is then easily imported into Excel for reporting purposes. The SUMMARY.TXT gives mailbox statistics for each user, and the DETAIL.TXT provides the information about the messages containing attachments that meet the GWCheck report criteria. We take this:

And turn it into this:

Now we can easily report, sort, and trend on userís email statistics, mailbox sizes, and space taken by attachments!

As a matter of policy, we would request that users save out email attachments that are important, and delete them from their mailbox. Alternatively, there is a handy Formativ Applet by Advansys that allows you to delete the attachment from a message, without deleting the message.

For your convenience, click here GWCheck and supporting files.