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GWBiz::Retain 2.5
The most advanced Retention & Compliance Solution available - developed expressly for GroupWise.
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Updated: 3 Mar 2005
File Size: 40.6 MB
License: 30-Day Trial, Commercial User-based Licensing
Download 1:  SetupGWC25.exe
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Home Page: http://www.gwbusiness.net
Publisher: OpenNet Software Ltd.
E-mail: sales@gwbusiness.net
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

GWBiz::Retain is the most advanced and full-featured Retention & Compliance solution for GroupWise, that was designed and developed as a Retention & Compliance solution - exclusively for GroupWise.

GWBiz::Retain helps organizations comply with Corporate Governance regulations, while strictly ensuring authorized - and auditable - access to retained content.

GWBiz::Retain Provides:

  • Full- or Policy-based Retention of:
    • Incoming, Outgoing, & Internal mail
    • Documents & revisions
    • Appointments, Tasks, Notes, etc. (only in Full Retention)
    • Role-based Authorization for Retention Explorer:
    • Only Content Admins may search the Retention Store
    • Auditors can verify that no retained content was deleted or modified
    • System Admins can create GWBiz::Retain users (i.e. Content Admins, Auditors, & System Admins)
  • Complete Auditing
    • Search Reason - A reason may be required for every query against the Retention Store
    • Every action & event in GWBiz::Retain is logged and accessible via the dedicated Auditing GUI
    • Auditing GUI allows filtering by User, Query, or Event
    • Audit log entries are indexed to ensure they are tamper-proof
  • Single Instance Store of attachments & files, based on the file's digest - not filenames
  • One-Step Retain & Delete - safely retain and delete GroupWise accounts of departing employees - reclaiming GW licenses
  • Retained Content Indexing & Digital Fingerprinting - to ensure Retention Store Completeness & Authenticity
  • Tomcat-based Account Retention Viewer - End users can access their retained content via a browser, using their GroupWise credentials
  • "Stubbing" - Retention Explorer asks for content moved to secondary storage by filename
  • AES or RC4 Encryption of retained content
  • Firebird SQL Index database
  • ODBC Connector to integrate Retention Store with Enterprise Data Backbone
  • Compression of attachments can be set per Retention Policy
  • The Retention Explorer:
  • Provides an intuitive & Secure GUI for Retrieving retained content - per account, or across accounts
  • Generates SQL for queries that you can cut & paste into other applications for rapid integration
  • Retrieved messages may be exported or printed

See the GWBiz::Retain Quick Tour here:
See GWBiz::Retain 2.5's Complete Feature List here:

GWBiz::Retain is a GWBiz:: Module and may be deployed as a stand-alone application or as part of the GWBiz::Commander Platform.

For detailed Technical Information, see the GWBiz::Commander 2.5 User Guide (http://www.gwbusiness.net/support/GWC_v2.5_User_Manual.pdf)

The Trial version of GWBiz::Commander includes the entire Platform with all GWBiz:: Modules, including GWBiz::Retain

Download your 30-day trial version today - and see what GWBiz::Retaincan do for you!