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GWBiz::Control 2.5
GWBiz::Control - Module let's you Manage Proxy Rights: Distribute, Revoke, & Report
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Updated: 25 Mar 2005
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License: 30-Day Fully-Functional Trial, Volume-Based Licensing, Government/Academic Discount
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Home Page: http://www.gwbusiness.net
Publisher: OpenNet Software Ltd.
E-mail: sales@gwbusiness.net
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

GWBiz::Control is the most complete Proxy Rights Management solution for GroupWise, providing an intuitive GUI for Distributing or Revoking Proxy Rights to Groups of Users in a single action, even setting the defined Proxy Rights as Default Proxy Rights for the account (such that they will be available to all users), and generates a report of the Proxy Rights of all (or selected) GW users.

Distributing & Revoking Proxy Rights

Proxy Rights to one or more target accounts may be Distributed or Revoked to/from one or more users - in a single action.

The Target user/s may include: one or more Domain/s, one or more Post Offices, or one or more users.
These Rights (and Privileges) Include:

  • Mail/Phone Message       Read/Write
  • Appointments                  Read/Write
  • Reminder Notes              Read/Write
  • Tasks                              Read/Write
  • Subscribe to User's Alarms
  • Subscribe to User's Notifications
  • Modify Options/Rules/Folders
  • Read Items Marked Private
  • Set the defined Proxy Rights & Privileges as Default Proxy Rights for this account.

Note: The Proxy Rights Distribution & Revocation is a 'silent' process, i.e. end-users are not notified of assignment or revocation of Proxy Rights, but these are viewable in the Security Tab of their GroupWise Options (and of course in the Proxy Rights Report).

Proxy Rights Report

GWBiz::Control 2.5.3 adds the Proxy Rights Report that can be defined for entire Domains, Post-Offices, or groups of users, and are mailed to designated administrators as Text, or CSV reports.

User's Proxy Rights also appear under their account details in HTML Reports.

GWBiz::Control provides the only complete solution that let's you manage Proxy Rights easily and efficiently, and always know whom has which Proxy Rights to which accounts.

GWBiz::Control may be deployed as a stand-alone application or in addition to GWCommander.

For more Technical Information, see the GWBiz::Commander 2.5's Administration Guide

The Trial version of GWBiz::Commander includes GWBiz::Control - along with all the other GWBiz:: Modules.
Download your 30-day trial version today - and see for yourself!