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Enhanced Windows Message Boxes from the Command Line.
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Updated: 2 Mar 2005
File Size: 504KB
License: Free
Download 1:  winmsg.zip
Publisher: Bryan Keadle
E-mail: BKeadle@TAKETHISOUTpalatine.il.us
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

With regard to the item, Not-so-Silent Install, I too needed a way to indicate that a NAL object was in the process of an install.

I created WinMsg.exe, a command line utility for providing Windows Message dialog boxes from the command line. Like the Reminder tool by James Davey, this utility will allow you to generate a message box to your users, but also allows you to specify window placement, font, colors, and buttons, and a variety of timeout options.

See this article for additional information.