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SmartSync Pro
Universal solution to back up and synchronize data.
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Posted: 14 Mar 2005
File Size: 1.52 MB
License: Eval (30-days, minor limitations)
Download 2: ssyncpro.exe
Home Page: http://www.smsync.com/
Publisher: SmartSync Software
E-mail: blumin@TAKETHISOUTsmsync.com
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SmartSync Pro is a universal full-featured tool to back up and synchronize your important data to the local drive, external Flash/USB/ZIP drive, CD/DVD, NAS and other storage devices, network volumes or even remote computer. If source data is destroyed or lost, it can be easily recovered. An intuitive wizard will help setting up with what, where and when to copy. The program replicates onlynew and updated files which substantially reduces synchronization time.

As a unique feature, SmartSync Pro allows synchronizing files and folders when computers cannot be connected over a local network (e.g. home/office PCs). A flexible filtering system keeps synchronized only the files you need. The application has a set of built-in features such as task scheduler, data compression, activity logging, notifications and password protection. SmartSync Procan be run as a service under NT/2000/XP/2003 to perform scheduled tasks even when nobody is logged in.