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C3POs (Custom Third Party Objects)

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Date Difference - C3PO
Adds Date Difference to the Tools menu of the GroupWise main window and to all Calendar views.

DMS Stripper
Removes the DMS menu items and buttons from the GroupWise client.

Forwarded Mail - C3PO
When you open a forwarded message, if the message box is empty, the attached message is automatically opened. When you close one of the views, they all close.

GroupWise Calstart
View calendar on GroupWise startup.

GroupWise HyperLink C3PO
Hyperlink inserter with file browser.

GroupWise Mail Saver
Save a whole folder of messages, including attachments, to simple text files on disk, with one click.

GroupWise MailTo Protocol Handler - C3PO
If you use Internet Explorer, make GroupWise your default mail program.

GW Strip
Strip attachments from incoming/sent messages

GWReply - C3PO
Provides Internet style prefixing when replying to a mail message.

Help Is On The Way - C3PO
Replaces the 'Link to the Novell Homepage' menu item under the Help menu with 'Cool Solutions Home Page'.

Month View - C3PO
Lets you view appointments, notes, and tasks by month.

Print Item List - C3PO
Print the selected (or all) items from a GroupWise item list control to an HTML file using a report template.

Tip of the Day - C3PO
Displays a GroupWise Tip of the Day each time you start GroupWise, and adds Tip of the Day to your GroupWise Help menu.

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