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ADM File Utilities 2.5
Customize .ADM files.

Basic LDAP Example
Basic LDAP example with PHP.

Basic LDAP Login
How to Authenticate users with Novell UserName and Password with LDAP through PHP.

BorderReporter 2.1
BorderManager log analyzer.

Btrieve File Utility
View and edit Btrieve records.

A package of tools to use with IDM drivers.

JDBC Command
Java class for IDM to execute JDBC Commands like stored procedures, inserts, updates, etc.

Loq Query Tool
Tool to parse log files and store in a searchable database.

Lurker32 2.51 - Newsgroup Message Database
Conveniently find tidbits of information from newsgroups.

NDS-Database Sync for ZfD 2
Synchronize Inventory objects with NDS.

Perl to Oracle Proxy
JDBC proxy to access Oracle from NetWare Perl scripts.

Policy Template File Editor
A Freeware tool for creating and editing ADM files.

Procedure Asgard Module
Run procedures using JDBC.

Windows XP .ADM System Policies
For use in ZfD 3.2.

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