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AppNote Tool: Audit DirXML Events Using Stylesheets, Java, and JDBC
Companion resource to AppNotes article.

AppNote Tool: Fsconfig
File Server Configuration APIs Example Program

AppNote Tool: A J2EE Application Example
An Asynchronous Transaction-Enabled J2EE Application: A Message Driven Bean Example

AppNote Tool: AnyInfo Example 1
C-Based, NDS Enabled Client/Server Application

AppNote Tool: Building a Secured Corporate Web Application Infrastructure
Tutorial: An introduction of developing a secure web application environment based on user's identity.

AppNote Tool: Code Samples for System Management BIOS Information
Leveraging the System Management BIOS Information in NetWare-Based Applications.

AppNote Tool: Corporate Naming Policy Using DirXML Stylesheets Example
Enforce corporate naming standards.

AppNote Tool: Error Process Source Code
Error Processing in exteNd Composer: Simplifying Maintenance and Debugging

AppNote Tool: Example containing a SilverStream database and code.
How to Dispatch Requests and Information Between Classic Applications and J2EE Applications

AppNote Tool: Example Sample Code for J2EE Series
Sample Code: Building a J2EE application

AppNote Tool: iChain Java Servlets
Obtain an LDIF file with a list of schema definitions for iChain 2.0, including changes from previous versions.

AppNote Tool: Minimize stack requirements
Source code to illustrate an algorithm for searching the NetWare file system that minimizes stack requirements.

AppNote Tool: NLM Development Code
How to Write NetWare Loadable Modules as Dynamic Libraries

AppNote Tool: Novell Servlet Gateway 2.0
Diagnose NetWare 5.1 server problems through the NetWare management portal utility.

AppNote Tool: Sample Code for eDirectory-enabled Applications
Building eDirectory-Enabled Applications Using Delphi: Low-Level.

AppNote Tool: Sample Code for Integrating Log4j
Integrate Log4j and Novell exteNd Application Server.

AppNote Tool: Sample DirXML Stylesheets and Java
A complete functioning DirXML driver and the associated stylesheets.

AppNote Tool: Sample Files for Distributing Netscape Navigator Using ZENworks
Use ZENworks to distribute personalized copies of Netscape Navigator.

Appnote Tool: SilverMasterExtract
How to Replicate User and Group Information Between exteNd Application Servers.

AppNote Tool: STAT - Performance Statistics Collection Module, Version 4.11a
Record server's long-running CPU utilization percentage.

AppNote Tool: Upgrading from iChain 1.5 to 2.0
Obtain an LDIF file with a list of schema definitions for iChain 2.0, including changes from previous versions.

Asgard - IDM Test Tool
Integration Test Tool for IDM projects.

Asgard - IDM Test Tool 1.2 Crypto Edition
Integration Test Tool with Encryption for IDM projects.

Asgard File Manipulation Modules
Modules to manipulate files using Asgard Test Tool.

Asgard LDAP Rename Module
Rename/move objects in any LDAP server.

Asgard RuntimeExec Module
Allows command execution in the machine running Asgard Test Tool.

A wrist-friendly language for the CLI.

Conversion Test Script
Learn ascii/hex/octal/decimal conversions for the most-common characters used in ASCII.

A framework for a continuous build process.

Euler for GTK+
Quickly and interactively compute with real and complex numbers and matrices, or with intervals, and draw and animate your functions in two and three dimensions.

Read existing iManager Info from eDirectory and export as XML.

Developer Tool to read existing iManager Info from eDirectory and export as XML.

NDS101 Accessing NDS With Novell's C libraries (NDAP)
Use Novell's C development kit to build a client-side-only application that can read NDS directory information.

Leading open source platform for the development and delivery of rich Internet applications.

Wink 1.5
Tutorial, capture and presentation creation software.

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