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Backup4all 3.10.281
Customizable backup software for full, incremental, differential and mirror backups.

The Network Backup Solution.

BMgrSaver v2.1.
Fulfills backup and restore of BorderManager Access Rules of the BorderManager server.

NLM that prepends current time and date to a filename.

DesktopClean 2.5
Scans local desktop, moves files to a specified network path, then creates shortcuts to moved files on desktop.

DLL Loader for NetWare 4.11
Allows the NetWare 4.11 kernel to accept registration of loader extension modules.

DVD back-up script with installer and command line options
Script for easy creation of recurring backups to DVD, by user or cron daemon.

eDirectory Backup Script for Linux
Simple script for a full tree backup.

eDirectory Manager
A simple tool for exporting and importing large amount of eDirectory data.

GRBackPro - Professional Backup 6.1.0
Data backup program for Windows Vista/2K3/XP/2K/NT/Me/98/95.

Incremental GroupWise Database Backups
How to use a shell to backup GroupWise databases.

Lesspace 3.4 - DOS TSR utility
Fix "space" errors on large hard disk drives.

List TSA Utility
List the SMDRs and TSAs available and test the connections to both on a server.

Single command to back up all important system information.

Make ASCII Files
Script for creating ASCII and extended ASCII files.

NDS Expediter
Verify, inspect, backup, restore and monitor objects on specifically selected replicas.

Perl-coded script designed to backup eDirectory on Linux or Solaris.

Network Bootdisk for NetWare
MSDOS bootdisk to connect you to a NetWare server.

Backup/restore Novell Portal Services.

NWZIP 2.17
NWZIP - Archiver for creation of backup files on NetWare servers.

Portlock Boot Wizard (Version 1.0)
Combine the necessary files to create a TCP/IP-enabled diskette for use with Portlock Storage Manager.

Portlock Storage Manager (Version 3.35)
Minimize NetWare management, setup, installation, and reconfiguration time.

Scheduled Backup of Clustered Multiple eDirectory Instances with dsbk
This script detects which eDirectory instance is running on which host, then performs a backup of it with dsbk.

Import/Export NDS Login Scripts.

Back up and restore trustees and Inherited Rights Filters (IRFs).

Trustee Rights Task
Document Trustee Rights with this task that will then generate another task to recreate/transfer the Trustee Rights.

TSATEST.NLM tool to test SMS performance
A utility designed to allow analysis of the behavior of Novell's backup technology SMS.

USB Storage Device AXT
Two AXT files to manage USB storage devices access with ZfD 4.01.

Zip and unzip files/directories in the same format as PKzip files.

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